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scripture memory program for church, school or home

How to get started...

1. There are Four Volumes of Mega Verse CD's (48 total passages)

      Each volume includes 12 passages of scripture

2. Start with one volume at a time and add as you build your program

      As you add the next volume you continue quoting the previous one(s)

3. Get each student the Mega Verse Journal

     It will help them to memorize each passage

4. Use incentives as students complete each volume

     Mega Verse Store or rewards (ideas for the store are listed below)

5. Use the Mega Verse Family chart to track your progress

     There is a downloadable family chart to track progress at the bottom of this page


Notes for churches (or schools)

1. Set a goal for passages to memorize

       Start with one volume at a time and add a new one each semester or summer session

2. Order your CD's and Mega Verse Journals to give to each student

       Contact us for bulk pricing / songs also available for download on Itunes

       Use Mega Verse songs as a part of children / family worship

       We play them live at our church / chord book attached at the bottom of this page

       You can also visit our Vimeo Video page for Mega Verse Lyric Videos

3. Designate a time and place for students to quote Mega Verses

       Example - Sunday mornings at church at Mega Verse table near the registration area

4. Decide on point system for tracking progress

       Example - we give five points for each Mega Verse quoted

       We also give the student five more points if a parent quotes the Mega Verse as well

       Have a team each Sunday morning that listens to verses and keeps the family charts

5. Set a time frame for quoting the verses and then have the rewards ready

      We normally have three Mega Verse Stores per year

      One Store at the end of each semester and one at the end of Summer

      The Mega Verse Store is filled with toys, gifts and goodies that students will like

      We set a budget for each store and then work to build up and stock each store

      Recognize those who have quoted all the Mega Verses or have had outstanding growth

We recognize students for every one dozen they memorize, we call it the one dozen club and so on... If a student completes all 48 we call them a Mega Master and recognize their achievement 


Notes for families at home / Homeschool

You can use the ideas listed above, but here our a few more to help the whole family at home memorize all 48 Mega Verses.

1. Keep the Family Mega Verse Chart posted by the dinner table

2. Take time each school day to work on new verses and listen to the CD's

3. Have students write out the Mega Verses for handwriting

4. Make it a family competition for each month / or set goal as a family

5. Make sure to lead the way as parents


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