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Mega Verses Scripture Memory

Helping families memorize scripture

Download the App / Apple / Google Play / today and start memorizing scripture!

What are Mega Verses?

Mega Verses are key Bible passages put to music to you help memorize them word for word.

Why use Mega Verses?

Mega Verses is a free scripture memory resource to help your family, church, or school to memorize important Bible passages.

These 48 passages cover over 250 verses. Using the Mega Verse scripture songs, coloring book and journal, you can memorize every one of them.

We selected passages that we believe every parent and child should know:

Ten Commandments

Psalm 23

Books of the Bible

Armor of God

Fruit of the Spirit

Lord's Prayer

The Wise Man

The Be-attitudes, and many more.

How do I get started?

Get the songs and start listening and in no time you will be memorizing large passages of scripture.

Download all four volumes

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Check out our free Lyric Videos and Mega Minute teaching videos

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Download the App / Google Play / Apple Store

All volumes are also on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming music websites